The guest, on arrival, is required to show an identity document valid for registration in accordance with current legislation. The details of the guests are treated in accordance with the current privacy legislation.

We invite all guests to report any sort of inefficiency within the first 24hr.

We invite all guests to respect the resting hours: from 1.00pm to 4.00pm and from 10.00pm to 9.00am.

It is strictly forbidden to give hospitality to unauthorized persons without the express permission of the Management. Moreover the Management carries out regular checks to verify that the number of people authorized to stay in the apartment is identical to the one declared on the reservation.

It is strictly prohibited to use the bathroom towels as beach towels and bring them out of the apartment.

The wi- service is free, you are responsible of inappropriate use of this service.

For your safety it is absolutely forbidden to move furniture in the structure.

The Management is not responsible for any damage or any injuries suffered by customers due to their wounds or third parties, theft, damage, or loss of goods and objects.

The Management is relieved of any responsibility for any missing belongings and valuables or cash kept in the lodgings.

Animals are not admitted.